Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike | Perfect for a Low-Impact Workout

The Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike is perfect for people who prefer a low-impact workout. For example, suppose you have any joint issues, mobility issues, or other similar health concerns. In that case, riding on an exercise bike can be an excellent low-impact workout that’s gentler on your body than many other options.

Want to go a step further and make things even more comfortable on your body? A recumbent bike offers additional support and comfort while you ride. It has a compact design that makes it easy to accommodate anywhere in your home and easy to transport.

The BRB852 features a walk-through design with an easy-to-adjust seat slider; the recumbent bike provides comfort through a full padded seat and backrest. Push yourself to achieve your goals with help from the Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike, which features eight magnetic resistance levels.

The Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike includes a heart rate monitor integrated into its hand grips. In addition, the LCD console displays important information such as heart rate, distance, speed, time, calories burned, and Odometer.

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FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower | Offering 16 Levels of Resistance

The FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower is a premium quality commercial rowing machine designed to accommodate all fitness levels and heavy use facilities. Featuring FDF’s variable fluid resistance technology, this water rowing machine accurately simulates propelling a boat through the water, with the rower experiencing an instant catch and continuous resistance.

Delivering a massive range of adjustable resistance, the FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower has an angled tank with a straight-line configuration for an unrivaled stroke profile. The convenience of this water resistance technology means you can change the intensity mid-workout to meet individual fitness goals, as well as accommodate multi-user training.

The E-316 Fluid Rower by First Degree Fitness has a small footprint with complete mobility and a compact vertical storage option, making it ideal for group classes, cardio areas, and quality home gyms. Designed with commercial-grade quality, the E-316 fits perfectly in a semi- or full commercial or home environment.

The E-316 is standard with an Interactive Performance Monitor. It displays all-important workout feedback, such as time, speed, and distance. The integrated Heart Rate receiver also measures your pulse using an HR chest strap. Unfortunately, the HR chest strap does not come with the rowing machine.

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Stamina Elite WAVE Water Rowing Machine | Emulates Actual Rowing

Instead of air or hydraulic resistance, the Stamina Elite WAVE Water Rowing Machine 1450 emulates actual rowing with natural water resistance. Different stroke speeds and intensities vary in water motion, resulting in natural water resonance.

A spinning flywheel provides resistance in the water tank, which means the harder you row, the more resistance you’ll feel. You can raise your work rate further by adding more water (siphon included). The tank has ten levels marked; however, you will invalidate the warranty if you fill above level 10.

The Stamina Elite WAVE Water Rowing Machine 1450 features an LCD displaying all the usual data you’d expect to find. In addition, this model comes with a heart rate chest strap that displays your pulse on-screen – but note there are no heart rate programs. Instead, you can pre-set targets such as the distance you want to row, the time you want to row, or the stroke counts or calories you want to reach.

The rowing position is comfortable, thanks to a wide-padded seat. Thanks to the rollers beneath, the seat slides smoothly and quietly up and down the solid steel beam. Your feet would fit comfortably in the wide footrests – they also tilt like all footrests should for a smooth and comfortable ride.

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FDF Newport Challenge AR Fluid Rower | Diversify Your Daily Workout

The FDF Newport Challenge AR (Adjustable Resistance) fluid rower features FDFs patented adjustable fluid resistance technology, allowing the rower to control and adjust the resistance from ‘Feather light’ to ‘Olympic sprint’ load levels. With the FDF Newport challenge, you’ll benefit from a strength-building and challenging cardiovascular training session.

The Newport Challenge AR is a best seller among home rowing machines. This rowing machine is ideal for people of all fitness levels. If you search for a beautiful, functional piece of fitness equipment that offers a total body workout, the Newport Challenge AR fluid rower is perfect. This indoor rower offers a low-impact, intuitive movement at an affordable price.

The FDF Newport Challenge AR fluid rower comes with a fully programmable computer display that will help you keep track of critical fitness-related data to keep an eye on your long-term progress easily. Therefore, you will benefit from information about tempo signal, time, strokes count per minute, distance, calories count per hour, interval training, and 500m split time.

The FDF Newport Challenge features an ergonomically shaped seat that has padding to guarantee your comfort while enabling you to train for more extended periods with very little or no discomfort at all. In addition, the seat rail is a high-quality anodized aluminum that can resist rust and wear-and-tear.

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WaterRower Driftwood Rowing Machine | Delivers A Total-Body Workout

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a complete novice, the WaterRower Driftwood Rowing Machine with an S4 monitor delivers a total body workout. In addition, this exercise equipment features the patented WaterFlywheel, which mimics the sensation of rowing in a lake. This indoor rowing machine can deliver a powerful yet low-impact workout with adjustable resistance levels.

It has a dual-rail design supporting a maximum user weight capacity of 1000 lbs. It is premium Ash hardwood, absorbing vibrations to ensure a smooth ride. In addition, this wooden rowing machine has a driftwood stain finish to give it that authentically aged look.

The S4 monitor includes six information and programming windows, 6 Quick Selection buttons, and 3 Navigation buttons. Motivating workout stats displayed on the S4 are intensity, stroke rate, heart rate (wireless chest-strap compatible), zone bar, duration, distance, and Watts.

Virtually maintenance-free, this indoor rower requires no lubrication; add a chlorine tablet (available for free) every six months. After your workout, the fitness rowing machine can store vertically to save floor space.

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FDF Monaco Challenge AR Fluid Rower | Captured Real On-Water Rowing

The First Degree Fitness Monaco Challenge AR (Adjustable Resistance) Fluid Rower is crafted and engineered by professional rowers and artisans. Only the highest degree of quality components are used – ensuring complete satisfaction in function, performance, and reliability.

With its patented Fluid Technology, FDF has incorporated the most authentic emulation of sensation, sight, and sound of actual on-water rowing captured in the private setting of your own home. The FDF Monaco Challenge AR Fluid Rower provides a smooth and consistent sensation throughout the range of motion of the exercise experience.

The Monaco Challenge AR features an advanced computer monitor providing the rower with measurable performance output.  With the updated USB connectivity and your computer, you can record your workout sessions, connect with the internet for online racing, and access the web-based logging and ranking system.

The FDF Monaco Challenge AR Fluid Rower provides an ergonomically designed seat on precision bearings and rollers for smoothness. In addition, the footboard comes with advanced heel support and innovative soft-grip handles to eliminate stress on the hands and wrist during your workout.

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