Efitment Aero Rowing Machine RW036 | Infinite Air Resistance

Add progressive air resistance to your next in-home workout with the Efitment Aero Rowing Machine RW036. Maintain optimal stability when you strap your feet onto the large footplates. Slide with ease on the durable 51-inch steel slide rail supports a maximum user weight capacity of up to 245 pounds.

Engage the RW036 with the smooth, maintenance-free belt-drive mechanism to activate the progressive fan resistance. With progressive air resistance, the harder you pull, the more resistance you’ll feel on this rower machine. This rower’s resistance is dynamic; you are not restricted by the number of settings on a magnetic rower.

The Efitment Aero Rowing Machine RW036 comes equipped with an onboard digital fitness console. Track your time, stroke count, calories burned, and strokes per minute with the easy-to-use digital display during your full-body cardio workout. It does not have a pulse reading function. So, if you require pulse monitoring, you’ll need to use a separate device such as the Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor.

The RW036 features a wide contoured seat for added comfort while you glide on the slide rail.  Slide your feet onto the ergonomic foot pedals with adjustable straps to maintain maximum stability as you row. Grasp the pulling handle and pull your arms toward your body while extending your legs for a rhythmic motion.

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MaxKare Air Rowing Machine | Provides a Dynamic Rowing Response

The MaxKare Air Rowing Machine features a steel mainframe and special triangular structure for the machine’s stability. The maximum user weight capacity is up to 264 pounds. This MaxKare Air rowing Machine has a spacing-saving foldable design. The foldable size: 40.5” (L) x 19.7” (W)x 42.1” (H).

This MaxKare Rower comes equipped with an air resistance system. Its resistance-generating element is the large fan at the front, and the machine does not have any additional magnetic brake for extra resistance control. The lack of a resistance adjustment element shouldn’t matter too much, though, because any air rower provides a dynamic response anyway.

The MaxKare Air Rowing Machine comes equipped with a fitness console that tracks time, distance, count, calories, scan. It doesn’t have any worked-in Bluetooth programs, and it doesn’t interface online to any fitness apps. It also doesn’t have a pulse function, so you’ll have to use a separate device if you need to monitor your pulse.

The comfortable ergonomic seat made of PU (polyurethane) makes your exercise experience more comfortable. Also, the large non-skid footplates and the adjustable nylon foot straps fit most foot sizes. Lastly, the pulling handles strap is high-quality nylon, durable, and the handle comes padded for comfort.

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Stamina X Air Rower 35-1412 | Perfect for High-Intensity Interval Training

The sleek and attractive Stamina X Air Rower is a basic yet durable rowing machine perfect for home gyms. Stamina’s engineers have designed the Stamina X Air Rower to be just like you: sturdy and durable. The steel frame will hold steady during your most demanding workouts. Simultaneously, the rowing chain keeps the air resistance coming as the fan spins inside the metal housing, automatically adjusting the resistance to your intensity.

Being an air-resistant rower means the rowing machine has ‘variable resistance.’ There is no knob to turn to increase or decrease resistance, but instead, the resistance adjusts automatically depending on the speed you row. For example, the harder you pull the handle, the more resistance you feel, and to decrease the resistance, row slower.

The faster you get the flywheel spinning, the more wind resistance you create, the more watts you produce, and the more calories you burn. Due to the Stamina X Air Rower being air resistance, it works exceptionally well for HIIT exercises (high-intensity interval training).  You can speed up or slow down during a workout without having to stop and adjust the resistance.

The Stamina X Air Rower comes with a large LCD multi-function fitness monitor that will help track your progress with real-time feedback. The monitor tracks vital measurements such as Distance, Calories Burned, Speed, Time, Number of Strokes (Count), and Strokes per Minute (SPM).

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Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower | Affordable and Efficient Rower

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower is an affordable and efficient rower designed for your comfort and convenience. The 35-1405 has an angled and oversized sliding rail made of chrome that facilitates smooth and comfortable seat gliding. The durable steel frame makes the rower sturdy and robust, with a capacity to handle a maximum user weight of up to 250 lbs.

The Air Transfer System (ATS) on the Stamina 35-1405 is simple to operate. Pull harder to up the resistance and ease off for less. No matter your intensity, your stroke will feel smooth and efficient thanks to the padded rowing handle and a durable metal chain.

The 35-1405 features a multi-function LCD that tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, stroke per minute (SPM), and row count for you to manage your workouts according to your preferences. It has a sizeable LED-backlit screen with a scan mode that displays each data set for approximately six seconds before moving onto the next set.

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower is designed to match your pace. The smooth-sliding, foam-padded seat is contoured to provide maximum comfort during movement on the seat rail. The textured footplates and adjustable nylon straps make this rower an excellent fit for users of all shapes and sizes.

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Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike | Features 23 Pre-Set Workout Programs

The Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike has a heavy-duty construction, and the main parts of the bike are steel. The ME-706’s weight is more than 100 lbs, and its dimension is 57″ Length x 24″ Width. In particular, the bike’s weight adds to its overall sturdiness. Also, the step-through design of the bike allows you to get on and off the bike quickly.

The Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike has a 24-level motorized magnetic resistance system. It also has 23 preset workout program that keeps you challenged to gain your desired fitness goal. Moreover, you can select any of the preset programs, and the console will auto adjust the resistance throughout the workout.

The ME-706 features a large LCD with an LED backlight for easy reading. Furthermore, the LCD screen tracks time, distance, speed, resistance, calories, RPM, and pulse. The console is telemetric and can track pulse either with an HR chest strap (sold separately) or through the handlebars’ integrated sensors. However, Bluetooth and online connectivity are absent from the LCD.

The seat of the Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike has well-padded foam and durable vinyl upholstery. And its backrest has approx 2″ (5 cm) of foam covering. Moreover, the backrest gives full back support because it has a durable steel backbone.

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Sunny SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike | Two Unique Resistance Systems

The Sunny SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike with Arm Exerciser helps burn out your unwanted calories and fat, bringing you back towards a healthy life. This bike seems to be an excellent package for your daily workout. It aids people in maintaining their body shape, including a different exercise for their arms.

The SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike offers eight levels of magnetic resistance so you can change the intensity of your workout.  You can adjust the leg resistance via the up/down knob at the stem’s base for cycling.

There’s a separate dial on the Sunny SF-RB4631 to adjust arm resistance.  You can twist the dial located at the digital console base for arm resistance – rotate it clockwise to increase arm resistance or anti-clockwise to decrease arm resistance.

The SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike comes with an LCD digital fitness monitor that displays motivating workout stats as you exercise, including time, speed, distance, total distance, calories, pulse, and scan.  Your pulse heart-rate is monitored by placing your hands on the pulse grip sensors located in the handlebars by the side of the seat.

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