Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 | Affordable Bike/Decent Value

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 Upright Bike is perfect for keeping fit, for rehabilitation and the consistent reduction of weight. For training with light to moderate exercise intensity, the Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 is the right exercise equipment.

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 Upright Bike features eight manual magnetic levels of resistance, allowing the user to customize their workout depending on the desired challenge for the moment. With a 15 lb (7 kg) magnetic flywheel, the B35 runs smoothly and quietly.

The fitness console is straightforward and convenient to use. With a display of the essential data during exercise, it’s easy to monitor the progress that you’re making. The LCD shows speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate during a workout.

Additionally, the B35 features an ergonomic seat which is very comfortable during long workouts. The B35 also comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar and can be set in an upright, flat, or a racing position. The B35 also features large ergonomic pedals that are comfortable for either short or long workouts.

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Sunny SF-RB4616 Recumbent Bike | It’s a Reliable Bike!

With the Sunny SF-RB4616 Recumbent Bike, Sunny Health and Fitness keep your workouts on track with an efficient and cost-friendly recumbent bike that is comfortable to use and adequately gets the job done.

The padded seat of the SF-RB4616 is full and adjustable in position. It comes designed in such a way that prevents backaches by keeping your posture upright. With the help of the adjustable handle found on the lower side of the seat you are positioned on, you can adjust the seat forward, backward, upwards, and downwards while sitting.

Right beneath the handlebars, you will find a knob that lets you choose between 8 different types of resistances. The knob is adjustable, and by turning it, you can alter the tension in the knob and subsequently increase or decrease the total resistance. Using this feature, if you increase the resistance, you will have to pedal harder to burn the weight.

The Sunny SF-RB4616 has everything that a reliable and decent recumbent bike could offer. With the eight-level resistances, adjustable chair, heart-sensor handrails, and a display that does its job at tracking readings, you are getting everything and maybe a little more for the nominal price you’re paying for it.

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Life Fitness IC1 Exercise Bike – Built Like a Tank!

The Life Fitness IC1 Exercise Bike is for the no-frills fitness enthusiast that simply values durability and longevity over anything. You can get more tech and more cutting edge features from some of this bike’s competitors, but if you’re more the type that wants to “disconnect” during a workout, this bike has you covered for years to come.

The IC1 indoor cycle is a classic example of focusing on the fundamentals. Rather than trying to add in as much other tech and as many frivolous features as possible, Life Fitness spent money where it counts. This thing is built like a tank from tip to tail, right down to the linking structures used for its seat adjustment.

The key features of the Life Fitness IC1 Exercise Bike are a 40-pound perimeter-weighted steel flywheel for even pedaling, Poly-V belt drivetrain for smooth, low maintenance, and quiet operation, and On-Board blue backlit RPM console.

The Life Fitness IC1 exercise bike is a straightforward but powerful machine that can help you improve your fitness and provide all the necessary data that you require to make it more effective. Although it is not as advanced as some of the other spin bikes in the market, this bike will last for a long time.

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HouseFit HB-8304C Indoor Cycling Bike – Racer200

Are you looking for an affordable spin bike? The HouseFit HB-8304C Indoor Cycling Bike, also known as the Racer200, might interest you. It comes equipped with a humanized frame, solid steel flywheel, and a 265 lbs maximum user weight that gives this indoor cycling bike a rock-solid build.

The HouseFit HB-8304C Indoor Cycling Bike features a magnetic resistance and belt drive system. The belt drive system is designed to whisper-quiet while in use. The magnetic resistance creates a smooth and nearly silent ride. The quietness of the bike makes it suitable for people that have families, roommates, or simply don’t want a noisy workout machine in their home.

The 4-way adjustable seat is great for users with different heights. You can change the seat according to your height and comfort level. The seat is full and accommodates users that like to have more space and lower support while riding. You will be able to adjust the seat up, down, length, and distance for a more comfortable ride.

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Sunny SF-B2916 Air Bike – Experience a Full-Body Workout!

Breathe new life into your cardiovascular routine with the SF-B2916 Air Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness. Start your ride when you sit on the 4-way adjustable bike seat that can accommodate a wide range of riders (leg inseam range: 27 inches to 37 inches).  Feel stable and confident during enduring workouts with the maximum user weight capacity of 265 lbs.

Experience an incredible full-body workout as you use the cycling features combined with the resistance handlebars. Engage your core, shoulders, and back while exercising with the full motion handles. The full-motion arms on the Sunny SF-B2916 allow for a full range of motion while pulling against the resistance.

The SF-B2916 air bike has dynamic resistance solely based on the user’s fitness level and desired intensity. Moreover, the harder you push, the more resistance you’ll feel. The incredible fan design reacts to the amount of speed and forces applied so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Use the onboard LCD on the Sunny SF-B2916 to track your speed, distance (kilometers and miles), time, ODO (odometer), and calories burned. Also, use the set mode to create goals for workout time, distance, and calories burned.

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